Saturday, February 9, 2013

Results - Mrs. P's National Writing Contest

Hi Everyone,

A few people asked how the Mrs. Ps Writing contest turned out. (Remember when my mom crashed my blog...)  I was a finalist but didn't win the grand prize:( It was a good experience anyway and I want to try again next year.  Mrs. P even mentioned my blog on her website! It was really cool!  These are the prizes I won:

I got a nice letter, with feedback from the celebrity judges, on my story.  It was great that they did that!  (I still can't believe Julia Roberts read my story!!!!)  I've been enjoying the art supplies and Mrs. P book.  I used the gift certificates to buy and donate books to my school library.

I'm still writing and just found out I won a local writing contest.  Now, my story goes on to the state competition!  Here's a picture of me from last year.  I won second place for a poem I wrote:

Wish me luck! A new adventure awaits...



Hi Everyone,

It's Meridan here.  The technology I tried out today was Smilebox.  It's a really neat site.  You can go there, upload your favorite photos to make; cards, slideshows, online scrapbooks and more.  You can even select and add music if you want.  I made a quick photo collage. Click on the link below: