Sunday, March 24, 2013

Capstone Comic Contest

Capstone Comics was holding a contest for everyday heros.  I entered my school librarian. 

Here's that I had to say about her:

Our school librarian is really a superhero in disguise.  Behind her seemingly normal red hair and headband is someone with astonishing capabilities.
-She is able to shrink the world in an instant using Skype; connecting us with famous authors and students from around the world.
-She has superhuman communication skills using; e-mail, twitter, her blog, the school newsletter, website, & TV channel.
-She leaps over information hurdles with ease & has the ability to save the day with a click of the mouse.

I think you would agree, our school librarian is a superhero!



  1. I happen to know your school librarian, and she sure is a superhero! Great nomination. You would win if I were voting! Mrs. P

  2. She is great:) Thanks! Meridan

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