Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reading Council Writing Contest

Hi Everyone! 

Just a quick update with the results of the Reading Council Writing Contest.  I placed first in my category for creative writing and my sister placed first in her category for poetry.  It was a great night!!! 

I met a lot of nice kids at the Young Author's Reception.  We had dinner with our families then presented. Dan Wardell was there and hosted the event.

We were awarded a certificate, a gold metal with a pencil on it, and a gift card to Barnes and Nobles Book Store.

Even our teachers were there to help celebrate!  It was a lot of fun and a great night!!! 

Bye for now!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Presented With My Friends At The 1:1 Conference

It's me again!  

Today I went to a presentation with my librarian Mrs. Miller. There were other girls with me too. Their names are Natalie, Maddie, Emma, Josie, Lucy, and Chaney. 

We made the presentation on Google Drive. It's really easy to do. We talked about sites like BiblioNasium, Skype, Evernote,  Skitch,  Pic Monkey, and more! (You should really check those out.)

I hope you take a look at our presentation.  It was so much fun.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Everyone Can Learn New Technology - Even My Mom!

I thought I would do a blog post about my mom tonight.  She is learning about technology and all these great new tools along with me.  My mom isn't very technically savvy, but she's getting better and at least she tries.  Here's a few things she had to say.  See below:

Well, I feel fortunate to have someone like Meridan to teach me what she is learning in school and from her  teacher-librarian, Mrs. Miller.  Mrs. Miller has opened a new world up for both of us.  It's interesting as a parent because you have a perception that a teacher may think that they are only teaching their students, but when it comes to technology their reach is so wide and vast.  Much of what Meridan is learning and using at school is applicable to my life as well.  She is learning and adopting much more quickly than I ever could, on my own, or through a yearly training session.  Meridan laughed when I wrote that (a teacher may think that they are only teaching their students...)  She said, "Not Mrs. Miller!  She knows better than that!"  So I guess I'm not only learning about technology, but also community and the reach technology has given to all of us.

That sums it up for now!  Thanks mom!  -Until next time!

Meridan (& My Mom)