Thursday, October 3, 2013

Destiny Quest

Hi! - It's Meridan.  

Sorry I haven posted anything lately, but this is truly something great!

It's called Destiny Quest.  Here's the link to their site if you want to check it out:    (Not all school libraries have this. We just got ours this year.)

Destiny Quest is a site where you can see what's available in your school library online.  You can go there to look for the books you like.  You can also post a review about them or leave a comment for other people to see.  You can also see if a book is "out" or "in".  --  If it's not in, the cool thing is, you can place a "hold" on it, so you can get it next.

You can also check for a book's lexile ranking.  Lextile rankings are very important.  My teacher gave us our lextile number at the beginning of the school year.  (You may need to check with your teacher to find out yours, if you don't already know it) Your lextile ranks tells you what level you should be reading at and helps you to match up to a book that is a good fit for you.

So, like I was saying, I highly recommend Destiny as an app are on your computer or phone

Until next time...signing out...


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