Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hi Everyone,
It's Meridan here! Just letting you know about a cool conference I attended. It was called ISLI and was organized and run by students. ISLI stand for: Iowa Student Learning Institute.

The main organizers were Ian Coon & Jack Hostager. Here is a picture of them presenting:

It was held at a high school and people from all over came. This picture shows the auditorium and Zak Malamed. He spoke about students having a voice. He is the founder of (While I liked his message I still feel he needs more voices from non-teenagers like me!:)

I liked what another speaker Brett Neese had too say too. He talked about following your curiosity and trying new things. Another presenter, Scott McLeod, showed what kids all over the world are accomplishing using electronic media. He talked about not being prefect at the start. The main thing is to start!

They had other great speakers and breakout sessions. One session I attended was completely about using games like Mindcraft in the classroom. Here is a picture of me brainstorming with some other students. It was really neat! I made friend named Jacque. She likes Mindcraft too.

A big take away from the conference was: "Need to prepare them for their future not our past."

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