Friday, May 29, 2015

Duolingo: The Online Language Learning Website/App!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to another post on another brilliant web tool!  Duolingo is an online language learning tool that helps you... you guessed it...learn new languages!!! You have a wide verity of languages to learn. One of the best parts has to be that you have NO limit to how many languages you can learn!

Duolingo is also used in classrooms! Teachers can assign a certain things in each kid's profile that they have to reach. 

If that doesn't please you, you can also track their growth and work time. This web tool also provides the user:
  • Instant Checking - It allows you to see if you got the question right or wrong immediately after you answer it.

  • Diverse Types of Questions - Duolingo has the ability to provide listening questions, reading questions, spelling questions and speaking questions.

  • Streak Count - Allows you to track your own time on the website and set daily goals for yourself.

  • Hearts - I love the "Hearts" method they use to keep you into it and make it challenging at the same time! You have 3 hearts per round.  You get 3 wrong then you automatically have to start the round over.

Duolingo is obviously one of my favorite web tools to use! If you have a phone or ipad you can also get the app, from the app store for free, so you can take it on the go! My class has really enjoyed using Duolingo and I bet your classes will to! 

Thanks for reading!  Stay Tuned :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Padlet BackPack! A new and improved way to use Padlet!

Hey Guys!

Meridan here and boy do I have a great new tool for you! It's called Padlet Backpack! 

Now, before I go into detail, let me talk about Padlet in general first.  Basically, Padlet is a site that allows you to:

  • Take personal notes
  • Make to-do lists
  • Create your own party invitations
  • Give feedback to others
  • Wish people well on special occasions, like birthdays
  • And anything else that you might need to give input to a lot of people on!
So, now that we got that covered, lets talk more about; The Padlet Backpack!
Basically, they're keeping all the things you can do on the normal Padlet, but making things even better. Another one of my favorite things  with the new backpack is that you can add and disable people from your backpack!.  See below:

So you've got your Padlet, but you want it to look intriguing! Well with the help of my favorite tool on the new backpack you can!!! Take a look...

This is an example of how different your Padlet looks after you have added a theme and background. Down below are some of my favorites!...

Well, that's all that I have for today! Thx for reading and I'll catch you all next time!!
Bye! 😉

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers-Day PowToon Custom Video!

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to a NEW blog post on Mother's Day Weekend.  This post is about the PowToon Mothers-Day Custom Video!  Here's the one I made featuring my mom:

So I've mentioned PowToon, but what is exactly is it?  PowToon is a site that is used to create your own videos using provided graphics, text, and you can even import your own pictures!  I've used PowToon for many school presentations because of its smooth running and its ability to insert my own touches.  It's one of the first things that I go to when assigned a project.  The photo below is of the PowToon template.  This is what you start with when first starting a project.

I personally LOVE PowToon and I think you guys should go check it out.  Well, that's all I have to say about the AMAZING PowToon, but remember it is Mother's Day, so go tell your Mother that you love them!



Monday, May 4, 2015

Cantata Learning!

Hey Everyone!

Today I found out about a new AMAZING website called Cantata Learning.  

The website says it all:

Combining Music and Good Books Brings Books Alive!

This website is like nothing I've ever seen before!  It's a great way to read and learn on the go.  The website lets you search and preview e-books that are available to buy. These books are mainly for younger kids (PreK-3rd grade).  My brother is in preschool so, I decided to try a book out on him.

Click on the link below to also see a video.

For all kids, even those who don't like to read, they are all going to have fun learning, singing and interacting with these books.  These books are cool!  I want to sing on these e-books too!  Really neat!!

Well, that's all I have for today folks.

Thanks for reading!