Friday, May 29, 2015

Duolingo: The Online Language Learning Website/App!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to another post on another brilliant web tool!  Duolingo is an online language learning tool that helps you... you guessed it...learn new languages!!! You have a wide verity of languages to learn. One of the best parts has to be that you have NO limit to how many languages you can learn!

Duolingo is also used in classrooms! Teachers can assign a certain things in each kid's profile that they have to reach. 

If that doesn't please you, you can also track their growth and work time. This web tool also provides the user:
  • Instant Checking - It allows you to see if you got the question right or wrong immediately after you answer it.

  • Diverse Types of Questions - Duolingo has the ability to provide listening questions, reading questions, spelling questions and speaking questions.

  • Streak Count - Allows you to track your own time on the website and set daily goals for yourself.

  • Hearts - I love the "Hearts" method they use to keep you into it and make it challenging at the same time! You have 3 hearts per round.  You get 3 wrong then you automatically have to start the round over.

Duolingo is obviously one of my favorite web tools to use! If you have a phone or ipad you can also get the app, from the app store for free, so you can take it on the go! My class has really enjoyed using Duolingo and I bet your classes will to! 

Thanks for reading!  Stay Tuned :)

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